Do Soul Mates Exist?

Do Soul Mates Really Exist?
A soul mate is someone that offers you, absolute love!
The only way that a coupling of soul mates can take place is when both of you are ready for more than just a momentary physical reaction.
They come into your life in unexpected, fast and sometimes weird ways
Our outlook on life starts to change the minute they enter our lives
You somehow are read for this joint experience to take place
You seem to be on the same wavelength almost immediately
You just know that instant that you share the same perspective on life
You are different from each other, but share similar interests and direction in life .
When you are in need of help!
or advice what do to next on your lives journey, the soul mate appears and guides you in the right direction
It is not always in a romance sense but something more live affirming, a true and unconditional friendship
They are people who appear in you life when you need them most, and sometimes stay in your life forever.
They are also people who appear and serve their purpose and then disappear as if sent by a higher power

Petty Tyrants
It may be your destiny to serve as the agent of a higher power to be someone’s soul mate in their time of need where you both benefit in different ways

Just as life puts “Petty Tyrants” (people who appear in our lives to force us to change our directions in life) live provides us with Soul Mates to comfort our lives and who us we are on the right path
Our true soul mate will show us compassion, wisdom and help us evolve, that we couldn’t have done on our own. We in turn, do the same for our soul mate.

Love without conditions and the need to fill the gap in each other’s lives is what will bring your soul mate into your life.

Be on the look out for your soul mate, whose is looking for you and have faith that you will meet, since it is the will of a higher power

Have faith in your future!

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