Don’t Let Being Single Cause You Emotional Stress!

My name is Vito, and I wanted to share my story with all of you as you consider posting your profile on this dating site. I moved to my new city with my girlfriend a few months back as she got a job here. Even I managed to get a good job here without much trying. Life was going on well until we broke up. Now I am single and it really sucks! I feel totally lost in this new city. If I were in my hometown, I would have hanged out with my old friends in bars and pubs and probably I would not have minded my single situation. But as am new to this place, I hardly know anyone here to go out with. So my personal life has been kind of stagnant.

It’s been few months since I became single. Now I feel it’s not that bad to be single again. This new town is quite beautiful with lots of mountains,bike trails, and parks. I am thinking of exploring this town as well the nearby cities. I am coming to realise that I’m not ready to get back into a relationship so suddenly. So maybe I’ll remain single for a while.

I have been thinking of taking dancing lessons in order to improve my social skills. I had always wanted to learn to dance and feel that now is the time to learn to do the different dances that women like. It is my understanding that all the dancing schools offer private as well as group lessons and hold group dance every month. Students, as well as outsiders,currently come to the dances and maybe someone new will come into my life. I think I will learn to dance swing because it is very popular currently.
I may meet some other single people there that I can make friendship with, so that I will have someone to talk while taking the lessons.

This is why I posted my profile on that I had been hearing about. Who knows if I will find someone interesting, then I won’t have to go to a bar alone looking like someone miserable and preying on every single woman I see there. Then I don’t think life will be so boring and monotonous as it is now. seems like an honest and the price is right, it’s FREE!

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