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Last month I met my elder sister Stephanie when I went on a vacation to my parents’ home.

It was really nice to find my sister coming the same time I was.

I observed some changes in Stephanie from the last time we met.

She was looking very content and her face was glowing with happiness.

Chatting with her after dinner, Stephanie told me that she had found someone very special while trying her luck on a free dating site

I knew my sister was fed up with going on blind dates and was looking for something new, interesting and serious.

She was told about the free dating site from a friend and wanted to give it a try.

After trying the free dating site for a few days she received an email from Bob and after looking at his profile she was convinced that he matched her interest level..

When she showed me Bob’s picture; I had to agreed that she had found a good match.

He looks so smart and handsome and works as a software developer.

They have been going strong for quite some time now.

I didn’t know about Free Dating sites.

But after I came to know about this from my sister, my curiosity level was increased.

I have been single for quite some time now. So when my sister insisted I should also try on the free dating site, I became a member of the Free Dating site..

The best thing what I like most about this Free Dating site is it doesn’t cost a single penny to become a member. It’s Free, isn’t it cool!

Last week while browsing through the profiles, I came across the profile of this very handsome guy.

I have already sent him email and I just hope he shows interest on my profile and replies back to me.

Who knows we might end up going on dates.

My fingers are crossed. So wish me luck!


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