Argentine Tango Away Early Alzheimer’s

Use It Or Lose It!
• All actives that require you to use both your body and mind can improve your brains ability to fight off dementia.
• Social dancing and Tango in particular has been reported to lowered your chances of getting dementia or Alzheimers as much as 76%.
Social dancing and Tango requires social skills as well as physical skill learning improving your brains health.

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Happy Family Tango – Celebration of Catalina’s Birthdays

This video is a Birthday Celebration of Catalina’s first birthday.
You have to take lessons!
There is no substitute for learning the fundamentals well. Every dancer who wants to learn the Argentine tango well owes it to themselves and their partners to take *at least one full beginning series* before going out to dance or moving on to Beginning-Intermediate classes. If dancers rush ahead, they find they know a bunch of moves but it doesn’t feel like dancing. Learning Argentine tango is exactly like learning a language. Until you know how to use basic words you can’t have an enjoyable conversation.

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