Do you attract men with your drop-dead looks? Or are you a loner with an attitude problem? Do you want to date someone, but feel that you do not have an approachable personality?
Actually, there two ways to make a date, one is being approachable and another is to approach your date. Every woman in this world has a fan following of her own, and no matter what, she is the most attractive woman to them. Be it her father, husband, son or lover, there is someone out there for all you girls.
Being attractive doesn’t necessarily mean physical beauty; it is all about being approachable with a pleasant personality. Today’s women are more career-oriented and they are always busy. Even while walking, they are wrapped up in themselves. Some really look like underground spies or agents with their formidable grim face, blank eyes and stiff attitude. And it is no wonder that men think twice before approaching them, even for a casual chat, let alone asking for a date.
Being approachable does not mean that you have to cast sly glances or a sexy walk. It just means that you ought to smile more, and be pleasant and friendly to all the people you meet.
Some people carry their problems at home to work, while others may do just the opposite. Either way, they are ready to pounce on the very first person they meet. This kind of an attitude is wrong and you can never dream of finding a good partner with such a formidable approach.
Angry girls, however beautiful, look good only in movies. In real life no macho hero has it in him to tackle a wild cat.
Here are some handy suggestions for all females who want to appear demure and approachable – keep the claws hidden under those silken gloves!
Keep that smile on – Even if you had the worst start to the day, do not make things difficult for others around you. Smile and let the tension out of your system. If you are pleasant and cheerful, you can attract more people.
Confidence – Most men admire women who have self-confidence and think highly of themselves. It does not mean that you have to be haughty and arrogant. It rather
signifies a woman who believes in herself and has self-respect. They pose a challenge to men who are bored with the clinging types.

Make eye contact – It is very important to look right into the eyes of people, thus signifying that you are approachable. But, be careful not to keep staring, just make a quick eye contact and walk on

Body Posture – It is a known fact that standing with your arms crossed indicates that you are on the defensive. It signifies that you want to be left alone. But a relaxed posture with arms dangling at the sides or on the table does mean that you are approachable.
Seductive Dresses – You can dress seductively so that men are naturally attracted to you. You need not put on little mini skirts or skin-tight T-shirts, wear a dress that shows a little skin and leaves much to the imagination. That shows real class and attitude. Most men love mysterious and stylish women.
Hope this article is an eye opener for all you girls out there who want to make a kill with the right kind of approach.

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