How To Make Up Your Mind About What You Really Want In A Relationship!

If all you want is a warm body next to you, eventually you will come to resent that warm body. A relationship is built on more than sex or eye appeal. Some of us have had what is known as “the morning-after feeling of regret”. For a few of us, it may had taken years to get that moment of regret, but if you were willing to accept less than what you really wanted in a relationship you got what you deserved.

You are out in the world or online and you are reaching the point of giving up on the search for your ideal mate. Your friends tell you that you are far too choosy and unrealistic. You must decide for yourself what you are looking for and settle for nothing less than what you want, even if it means you feeling lonely or like a loser, because you are not, the loser is the one that wakes up with the morning after regrets.

What are your most “unacceptable” characteristics in a mate? Things you should be looking for are they sincere, do they look you in the eye, have a sense of humor or are far too serious. If your new prospect flexible and willing to learn about who you are as a person. A person who displays any type of lack of humor or is too self-centered may not have room in their heart for you.
You want to be with someone who has a positive attitude on life and to whom problems are only opportunities to be faced and overcome. You want someone who is upbeat and wants more than just a warm body by their side. You want someone who looks beyond looks to the real person within. Over time the person within both of you is the one you will both be dealing with.

The eyes are truly the gateways to the soul if your love interest avoids eye contact this is a clear signal of evasiveness. The eyes show the true internal emotions that both of you are feeling about each other.

Don’t accept anyone into your life who puts you down or disrespects your feelings.
Don’t let good looks push you to get involved with someone like the witch in Sleeping Beauty that looks good on the outside but was a truly ugly person inside.
You must think about what the future would hold for you if you got involved with this person. Trust your gut feelings they will guide you in the right direction.
As they said about O.J. if the glove doesn’t fit you must acquit, but in your case, it means run and not look back.
It’s vital to learn the art of showing an upbeat outlook toward life. This really shows the type of person you are to the person you want to attract.

You have to become the person you want , would want!
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