How To Double Your Dating Confidence On Dating Sites

The first step to becoming the confident guy you’ve always wanted to be is to close your eyes and imagine every aspect of his character. Without a very vivid picture of who you want to become,you’ll never become him.

I want you to take a moment to ponder each one of these questions: How does he walk? How does he move? What does his voice sound like? Does he hold his head high? How does he dress? I want you to go through every aspect of his character. Get an extremely clear vision in your head of this fictional character. Now I want you to say to yourself, “If I can see him, I can be him”. Take your face and put it on this character. I want you to brand this image into your subconscious. In your mind, get used to walking around like this guy. Get used to talking like him.

Just as you would expect to be the best piano player in the world without practicing, you shouldn’t expect to be a “cool”, confident guy without practicing. Become comfortable with the new guy you’ve created. I want you to really embrace the concept that you can be anyone you want. No guy was born a “ladies” man”. Practice this visualization for at least 5 minutes a day and you’ll become more and more comfortable being this “character”.

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