Attraction Can Be Magnetic, Neutral Or Repulsive

What happens the first time when a man and a woman meet?

It can be one of three things, an attraction, revulsion or a neutral reaction.

When a man meets a woman, he may find her attractive, even charming.

A good speaker, intelligent, or having some quality that may attract the man to the woman. It is like a magnetic reaction!

Many people fall in love in the beginning because they found something to be very cute or the laughter very attractive

Magnetic Reaction:

When you are asking for a date, that magnetic reaction has to be present in the beginning. Without that reaction, no date will take place. If you feel revulsion, you will surely not agree to the date. How do you develop the magnetic reaction so that you get that first date?

You have no idea what quality of yours may attract the man or woman towards you.

The best bet is to develop positive qualities and eliminate all negative qualities that may produce any revulsion. Whenever you are not sure what to do be neutral.


If your date sees you laughing and finds that your teeth are dirty or have stains, you would get a negative reaction.   If while talking you give off bad breath, it surely will cause a bad reaction. It is also true for body odor!

Make sure your nails are clean and well groomed.

Wear an outfit that is appropriate for the occasion. Avoid clothes having a weird combination of colors. First impressions are the most important because we should present ourselves in the best possible manner.

Have a bunch of light jokes at the ready!

Simple jokes can break any barrier. Avoid all criticism. Avoid political talk.

Avoid everything that may immediately provoke a reaction.

The formula for the magnetic reaction is simple – Enhance all that is positive, eliminate all negatives and when unsure, adopt a neutral attitude.

Add in lots of confidence and listen more than you talk and you will do just fine.

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